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[01 Jul 2008|08:15am]
im so upset. i dont think i should post this in my myspace blog but i want to write. dave has been thinking of breaking up with me and he was close to doing it. theres no real reason, weve been arguing about stupid stuff and he thinks its not working. its taking a toll on me and im acting the way i acted last year when it happened. i only told lynda so far. this is horrible, i cant go to work looking like this. i barely slept. how can he want to break up with me, and not talk to me anymore? im so depressed. why must my 2ND love fail too? :(
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just an update [14 May 2008|10:55am]

right now im waiting for jaeson to get to campus to have lunch...so im bored and killing time..not much i can start on with only 20min to spare. but neway, an update on my life lol, i finished ccp last semester and this was my first semester at temple university..changed my major to elem/special ed. i hope i did good...took my last final today. been working at the home depot for over a year now, started at 8, got 2 raises and now i get 9.05. me and dave are back together again and been since last may. broke up for like 2 months and it killed me...but we talked it out and now we have sunday as our day to chill, and we have lunch during the week as well. i start my summer class next monday cuz it counts as 3 classes so might as well..but i have no idea how im gonna pay for it. its on the credit card with no interest till october, and i have $100 saved so i need to earn $1100 more. ugh the price of these schools! but its over july 1 so i can actually have a summer. i still need to take my praxis in exactly a month from today, im nervous, but i have to pass it by around october to be able to take higher education classes.. im very close to running out of gen ed's. but yeah back to the summer lolz, cant wait to go down the shore! going down with daves family again at the end of july. so my plans are to work as much as i can and get a good grade in my summer course and pass the praxis...then i will be complete! i also just turned 21 and it feels like 20 with the exception of being able to getting alcohol. although i havent been carded! i went out with dave  to longhorne on my bday and he said it was my bday to the waitress so she didnt check my id, and then last saturday was my bday party at dave and busters and they didnt check either, only when i tried getin back in the place from the inside of the mall. so maybe ill get some alcohol today Lol. well thats about it..i still write in my myspace blog =]

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lol [22 Mar 2007|01:21am]

lol traci just reminded me of this journal... ahh i miss it! so many things are different now. me and dave broke up. i miss him a lot. my school is on strike! its weird. im turning 20 freaking years old soon! my d key is broken. ugh. lol. i miss you live journal!!

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[09 Dec 2006|11:23am]
i havent wrote in here in forever and was lookin at my friends page...lol i have 'free samples' as my friend. gotta luv free stuff. so if anyone actually does read this, things are ok i guess, my semester is almost done and i wonder where ill actually go when i finish ccp... i love dave<333 we've been goin out for almost 6 months...the holidays are almost here and i have 3 more people left to shop for. <3
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[07 Oct 2006|10:14am]
ahh i dont write in her no more :( kind of sad...but i still got my myspace blog. i try to read my friends page now and then. i heart dave<333
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oh and i forgot... [30 Jun 2006|06:41pm]
dave is my homeboy now :) <3
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[29 Jun 2006|09:12pm]
i dont think im gonna write here anymore ;/ like 5 people read this thing and everyone has myspace...so here is my myspace to read my blog and all....www.myspace.com/100percentpolyester. who knows, maybe ill come back,ive had livejournal for like 5 years lol.
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[23 Jun 2006|03:34pm]
wow didnt write for a while...monday went to the movies with dave, hung out with lynda like tues and wed... going to kristinas party tonight and going to canada for a few weeks. bye.
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[18 Jun 2006|03:08pm]
i just downloaded this calling thing that allows me to call from canada to the usa for free, woot. it dont really matter to me cuz i wasnt really planning on calling anybody really lol, sorry if that sounded rude but if i have the internet, its all good. nobody can call me though... im gonna have to turn off my phone once i hit the border of canada and america... ill be back from there on june 30th! my dad said he wants a break before we go to the shore. so ill be able to go out to eat with uncle bill and lynda on july 2! woot.

so now me and my dad are goin to best buy to get a headset for the calling thingy. and its already 3 oclock yessssss!
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[17 Jun 2006|09:52pm]
yesturday. . .

i went over andrew's house at like 5 somethin and barry, randi, paul came too... andrew's mom got a soda maker so we kept makin sodas! that thing is so awesome. we made like, mango somethin, a sprite wanna be lemon lime, rasberry somethin and a lot of others. i want onnnneee. then we ordered stuff from olive garden and we all came in pauls car to pick it up lol. we went back to his house, had din din and then went to play in the groove (a wannabe ddr that got sued by ddr lol) i was givin my famous back massages. o boy did they all love it haha! we had some fun on that bed.

today i woke up early again.... ughh i need to friggin sleep for like 12 hours and stop bein tired lol. i was goin out and my mom said she would drive me to the bus stop and i told her to at a certain time and shes like wait 10min cuz she was doin the dishes and i was like well i already missed that bus so drive me again in like 15min and she said she would drive me to the terminal and i didnt wanna be late so i just said ok.. i met dawn, her mom donna, her sister christina at 12th and market and we took the phlash wooot! we got an all day pass for only $4. then kristina's friend kayla came and we rode it to the art museum and had lunch there and then climbed some rocks (i didnt go too far lol) , then kayla and me raised up the art museum stairs and i lost again...she went all the way around the fountain and then up the OTHER stairs and i just stopped in front of them lol. some lady sittin on them was laughin at me. let me see u try that! then we went to dunkin donuts to get some coffee coolatas, and then the gallery so i could get tokens. then kayla and christina left, so me and dawn and her mom went to soak our feet at love park and it felt sooooo good. we took pics at the game pieces and then went to penns landing to eat water ice and kettle korn mmm. i had sooooo much fun!! thank you so much donna! we are so ridin the ferry next month.

so my mom picked me up from the terminal and we went to roosevelt mall's sears... i got these flip flop shoes, lets see if im gonna wear them cuz im such a tomboy lol. i also got socks...lots and lots of socks. then we went home and as soon as i walked in the door my dad said we're goin food shopping. so we went to the russian store and ran into my mom's friend and talked for a while, and then got back home. ahh im so tired. i hope i sleep good today. i dont think linda is gonna sleep over cuz shes down the shore so im gonna have some vodka later lol cuz it makes me really sleepy.

hmm what else is new...theres a bowling alley right next to olive garden at broad & chestnut and i wanna go! haha. so this is my last week here, im going to the movies with dave on monday and kristina's birthday party is on friday and im only gonna be able to stay for like 3 hours cuz we leave early the next day. i also need to get up to mills with lynda before friday. so i hope ill be able to get in a gym day in there somewhere! here are the pics from today:

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[15 Jun 2006|10:38pm]
i been so lazy, i just write in my myspace blog lol. copy and pasted...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

lah lah lah

today i woke up kind of early and went for a bike ride... i think theres somethin wrong with it. i had to pedal harder and i think my seats up too high...hmm lol.

this week is gonna be sooo hot. but thats good cuz the ocean is warmin up. i wonder what temp it is.

i forgot to say an imp thing last night... on the way to makin an appt. for rob to get his haircut, we passed by a church and this priest walked out and he was on the phone and he was like 'yea im about to take the el' i was like OMG

ahh i feel bad cuz i havent hung out with kristina lately and she wants to go swimmin but im busy today. so im gonna go and call these tour places blah blah

good song:

the things that make us deep
are the things that we wont speak
well, you and i
we don't feel like we used to
every day's a memory gone by
what they are to me
too many words to ever speak
so i'm here inside
and i'm still alive

how do we make it all real
i just cant decide
i want to know you for a while
instead of letting you go again
i can't be stuck here forever, you know

i'm on fire, i am
i'm letting you know
i'm letting you go
i watch you go
the things that bring us together
only wait to tear us apart
time goes passing over us
we get lost within our hearts
and nobody ever can remember
how we got there strong or not
we've gone limber and bent ourselves
towards our differences now
pulling us apart
they always try to tell you
you'll be alright in time
but what do they know
they're just another
that's missing something on the inside
and how we'll ever be
better than a memory
is the question
you will ask me
you will ask me in your dreams
in your dreams
you will ask me in your dreams
i will see you in your dreams

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

today was funn!

so today i woke up early because my dads like 'YOU have to call toronto to set up tours' so i called them at like 9 am and the merion hotel gives a city tour and trolley tours... so i was like what what. im gonna call more places tomorrow so we can have a tour everyday.

then i went to ccp and paid for my summer session, and this girl asked me all these questions about her sister registering and some stuff i didnt know, i felt so bad lol, i was like sorry im kind of a new student too so im not sure... met a friend too :)

then i waited for robin to get out of school and i met him at the trolleys..we took the 10 around upenn and went to ben and jerry's, mmm! the guy was like, chocolate is not just good but its also a way of life, or somethin like that. then we walked around the penn campus and laid in the grass. it was soo nice. then we went to franklin mills for like 20min cuz my mom was being a whore and wanted to pick us up cuz she had things to do... we took the 67 there which took forever but i was curious cuz i never took that bus. so today i took 3 thingies i never took before, wooo. we went to mcdonalds and i saw jess j! i ran into her last week too. then we went back to my house and watched family guy.

now im tired and my hair is weird.. i went to the library yesterday to get books by 'zane' and they didnt have it :( so i ordered one off ebay.. i love her books. i got 3 other books from there, i kind of started one.

wow i cant believe its 9pm already.. i got sooo much work to do for my dads website, and i hope to atleast do somethin tonight, and a lot tomorrow.

so as i said before, its like i abandoned this thing and just use myspace cuz i know more people read it. sigh, i dunno, i dont wanna leave livejournal cuz ive had one since 9th grade and its where i'd always turn to, lol. ahh myspace is killin me.
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[12 Jun 2006|09:14pm]
i already made a post today but i promissed uncle bill that i'll make another one. so lynda and him picked me up and we went to bennigans and it was mmm mmm good. i was starving since i didnt eat since like 10am. haha it was hilarious...we caught up a lot and then we went to circuit city to get lynda's new razor activated. its so cool! i used to hate it, now its ok. but im not gettin a new phone in a while cuz i just got one 6 months ago. haha we were rappin to 'ms new booty' and then that song that goes like 'what u know about that', so we're like WHAT U KNOW ABOUT THAT I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT and uncle bill was like ahhh HELP and all the ppl in the other cars around us were lookin at us lmfao it was so funny.

and since uncle bill forgot to use his coupon for bennigans lol, we're gonna go on july 2 since thats when it expires. thats the day im coming home from canada and i hope i dont come home that late so we can still go out to eat... ill just pack my shore stuff while packin for my canada stuff, lol.

ahh i wanna see that movie Click soooo bad but it comes out the day before i leave and kristina's bday party is that day...well i can still see it in the afternoon what what.
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[11 Jun 2006|03:51pm]
i slept so much and im still so tired. blah. 2 more weeks and then i leave. i wanna leave now. lol i dont know why i wanna leave so bad cuz im gonna come back anyway. maybe i just wanna leave forever.

i was just thinkin of what im gonna do this week. seems like im so booked already. sometimes i think i have too many friends or somethin. or maybe i just hang out with the same people too much cuz a lot of my friends get mad about me not hangin out with them enough. anyway, my dad told me that TODAY he will teach me how to do some stuff...and i hope he does soon cuz i wanna do some stuff tomorrow, before i go over lyndas house...uncle bill is comin over there tomorrow to install her verizon dsl and then were goin out to dinner...we havent been out in like 3 months! we gotta catch up. then on tuesday maybe ill go over my gparents for a little cuz i kno my grandmas mad cuz i never answer the phone lol. then on wed. im probly gonna go to ccp and pay my bill and meet up with robin since we talked about hangin out...he leaves 4 camp next week. then on thursday im not doin anything and i think friday were goin over andrews house. and on saturday, not sure but were supposed to go on the phlash downtown with dawn and her mom.

and next week... i just know that kristina is havin a party the friday before i leave and i dunno what else im doin before that. i really wanna see 'click' but i think that comes out that friday so i dunno if im gonna get to see it..

i wish i could download the original omen but it wont let me. bastards.

i kind of like my hair but i really wanna dye it red.. im gonna miss it bein blonde so bad lol. i think im gonna do that in like a month.
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[10 Jun 2006|11:34pm]
2 day outings...

yesterday i went to the movies to see the omen. i was mad, because julia said she was gonna go, and then she changed her mind but i told her i really wanted to go cuz i barely see her and i made this whole septa plan for her, that she'll get there like 5min before the movie starts but thats still good enuff. so me, lynda and jose met at the mall and we were gonna buy our tix when julia calls me to tell me she's at the t-mobile store getting her phone changed...in my head im like couldnt she have waited till after the movie to do this? so like 15, 20min pass and thats ok cuz its mostly previews but then i got antsy and we all went to get tickets, except her, and shes like im not gonna see the movie and turned around. i got really pissed. i am way too nice (writing this in a blog makes me not nice though lol) and i missed part of the movie for nothin. but anyway, it wasnt that scary, kind of typical really, altho i was still holding lynda's and jose's hand lol.

today went by real fast... i went out with barry, randi, paul, andrew and mike to panera bread and then we went to brunswick zone... by the time we got there, they stopped laser tag which sucked... so we went bowling for 2 hours. lol it was so hilarious. i missed our time out, the old rsvp crew minus paul lol. barry tied 2 balloons to my belt loops and i kept walkin around like that and i went to the bathroom and i knew people would know my stall was occupied..then i was washing my hands and these 2 girls are like i like ur balloons! then this worker lady was like um yeah im gonna need these balloons for a bday party and im like uh oh...lol barry tried gettin them off me and one flew away and the lady got pissed so andrew climbed on a table and got it. go tall people. i also saw jen from my english class last year! then we went into the arcade and the last time i was there was like 3 years ago and i put sooo many credits on it, that i still had 23 left! woot. i am the air hockey champion, i won with randi and andrew. then i played ddr and made a fool outta myself. we then went into starbucks and ran into my old dance teacher from like 10th grade. ahhh lately ive been runnin into soo many people.

now im home and sooo tired. i gotta go to ccp on like tuesday or wednesday to pay my bill for the summer...anyone wanna do somethin that day? me and the crew today talked about our downtown day that never happened last year and we were all gonna go back to andrews house today but my stomach was killin me so we're gonna go this week or somethin.

my dad was booking hotels in canada today... one of them is the merion lol, its like $200 a night. but they have soo many things and im stayin there for 3 days, the most out of any other hotel we're stayin at. it has a gym! im never gonna wanna leave to go 'xplorin.

so now im just waitin here, waitin for barry to get back and send me pictures cuz we took like a thousand. i was watching monster in law, well like 2 min of it so maybe ill continue that. and i just realized that this is a looong blog so thank u for reading if u made it here.

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[08 Jun 2006|09:43pm]
so today i woke up at 7 and i couldnt sleep for anything. i got off the phone with robin at like 1230 last night and went right to sleep and had a good sleep, but i couldnt anymore... i was still all tired. so i went on thatvideosite.com and saw a million videos haha. i got ready and my mom gave me a ride to the bus stop, and i thought it was gonna be like a 7 min ride and it was actually a 2min ride so i got a really early bus and lynda was gonna meet me on it but it got sooo full when it passed my high school so she got one right behind me. ahh i cant believe that this saturday is gonna be a year since i graduated high school :(

so we got to ccp and she filled out the paperwork 4 me cuz i hate doin all that lol <3 ya lyn, my schedule is as follows...only taking 4 classes


10:10-11:05am Child Psychology 201
12:20-1:15pm Psychopathology 205 (doesn't that sound soo cool)
1:25-2:20pm Philosophy Critical Thinking 111

Bio 10:00-1pm


so its ok i guess... sometimes i think that this is all a waste of time and money and my dad just confirms my fear about asking me if i think im doing the right thing ;/

so then lynda gave me a lil tour of ccp and i forgot everything and im gonna get sooo lost. we went to love park and like EVERYONE was eating cheesesteaks and i was sooo hungry lol. i had a pretzel too and it filled me up. there was this 'concert' there, this guy was performing. it was so funny, someone asked him how many cds did he sell and he was like none, and this girl bought 1 from him lol. he wasnt bad. then we went to meet with rachel and dave and went to olive garden...i didnt have like anything cuz i wasnt hungry. then dave went back to work and we went to the gap and then robin joined us... we went to liberty place and also ran into this girl from my high school. i got yelled at by the security guard...and yesterday at the army store... lol me and robin get in trouble a lot. he is the best massager. omg it was so good lol. we went to victorias secret and got free undies, what what! and then we got smoothies and took the el, me and lynda went to franklin mills and i was sooo hungry that we got fries, and she got a pina colada smoothie it was SOOO good omg. we went to the gym and then my mom went to mcdonalds and got 40 chicken nuggets! i was like who u tryin to feed!

so i think i said everythin that happened... i am SOOOO Tired, like my legs are literally falling off. and i think im gonna get sum of those chicken, nuggets haha. fatty out.
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[08 Jun 2006|07:38am]
ahhh i woke up at like 7 and i cant go back to sleep...i can still sleep for almost 1 more hour...grrr. and im soooo tired yet i cant sleep lol. i hate this.
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[07 Jun 2006|06:42pm]
so today was reaaalllllly fun

me and lynda went to ccp today in the morning...aww she was so nice to accompany me for like 2 hours while i got sent back and forth lol. when i was walkin to the bus stop, i saw my driving teacher and hes like hey beautiful, why u walkin? i'm like, cuz no car! haha.

i was SOOO mad because my biology class was closed, all of them! so i'm going to go there tomorrow morning again and register for my fall semester, cuz lynda logged on her thingy and i saw that a few classes have some spots... so i'm taking sociology and psychology. i'm kind of happy i'm taking psych 101 because i can take psych 212 or whatever it is, cuz i need it. so my schedule is:


9:30am-10:50am Intro to Sociology

11:00am-12:20pm Intro to Psychology

ahh its back to having same classes everyday just like high school<3 i'm gonna hate it. so i walked to city hall and met up with robin and we went to olive garden! the lady read my shirt (it says, dont i know you from myspace?) and she was like dont i know u! lol im like i'll add u! we ate, then went walking around to like every store there is, and the subway tunnels and walked all the way to 13th st, haha. he kept picking me up over the puddles, it was cute. then we met up with rachel at the clothespin and went to wendys cuz she was hungry... then me and rachel took the el and robin took it the other way but we were still shouting at each other cuz his el wouldnt move for like 5min, lol.

i picked up my pictures from walgreens at the terminal and i was hesitant because i saw a 58 express bus but i wasnt sure if it went where i needed to go, but then i came out and i saw a bus that comes like every 2 hours, that goes to a st like 3 blocks from me. how lucky was that! it was great. so today was really cool, and even tho i got soaked, i got so soaked to the point where i didnt care about my hair or anythin lol.

so tomorrow im gonna go to ccp early again, register, then probly walk around with lynda a little because im going to lunch at 1 with rachel and lynda and dave<3 and then lynda was supposed to have work but she doesnt, so were gonna go to the gym later on. holler back, im happy i didnt work on the computer today lol, i was so tired of it.
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#2 [06 Jun 2006|07:10pm]
so im used to guys hitting on me and all but today was kind of scary. i went to my grandparents for lunch and then walked to cvs to get pictures done (my grandmom's old colleague from med school contacted her and wanted pics) and rayshawn was my cashier! woot woot, i havent seen her since last year. i wanted to get more pics developed but i forgot i deleted a lot from my memory card so im gonna go again this week or somethin...

so im walkin back to my grandparents and this guy across the st waves to me in his car, and i just took a glance and then kept lookin straight ahead...then at the corner of my eye i see him comin out and crossin the st, lol and its so hard to cross that st without the lights bein there.. so he shakes my hand and is like hey, you got a boyfriend? im like yea... then hes like oh sorry, how old are you and i wanted to say a younger age but i just spit out '18' and hes like oh, i thought you were older, you look so cute and adorable. lmao, im like people tell me i'm 14. then hes like so you live around here? and im like im from pittsburg (love ya jamie lmao) and i was visitin my grandparents and that my name was brittany. and then i was like walkin back still and some guys were like heyyyy and then i get to the apartments and these old ladies are smiling at me...wtf, im wearin an old shirt, my hair was probly messed up cuz of the wind.

but neways, ive been real sleepy all day and im gonna try to go to bed earlier cuz i wanna get up at like 8:45, throw clothes on and leave. my grandpa is so funny....he was makin a fit cuz he didnt wanna take pics, and then he gave me $3 to get pics developed even tho i told him i had money, so i gave him $2 back when i came back and hes like here keep it and i said but i have $20 and hes like, so now you'll have $22.

so now im gonna go to walgreens.com and see if they develop pics cheaper and if they do, i might just do it at the frankford terminal tomorrow. what what represent.
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[06 Jun 2006|01:09pm]
my head is KILLIN me... when i woke up, my moms like we have to go to the bank cuz i got my check from holy family back and im sooo out of it when i get up lol. there was confetti all over the bank. were they celebrating 6-6-6 or somethin? lol.

i just wrote out the schedule i want for ccp... im gonna try to get into this 9:30 biology class and i looked up septa and all. im going there tomorrow. hopefully 2 hours will be enough to register cuz im meeting up with robin... i wuv my robin!

u ever get that feeling about your ex and then just start to hate everythin, start to hate the world? then you try to calm down and return to your normal state of being cuz that pain is no longer there. feels great!

i dun feel like doing much today. theres not much to do for my dads site anyway, from my knowledge. he said hes gonna teach me some things tonite. im thinking ill do a little bit, then watch boy meets world and do my nails or somethin lmao.

- - token girl
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[04 Jun 2006|09:47pm]
so i totally forgot i was going to pauls house today lol. his parents are friends w/ my parents and his moms bday was a few days ago so she had a get together with sum families... aha i was playin crash team racing with pauls brother and like 5 other lil kids. ive been around lil kids so much today and yesterday lol i love them. i want a baby! well not now but you know. phil (one of paul's younger brothers) is sooo dirty. lol when i was like 9 and paul was like 7, phil was 1 years old and we used to teach him curse words and be all dirty and thats how he is right now. im like im sooo sorry.

paul had work at 6 so i didnt really chill w/ him.. he made me a milkshake before he left tho. i told him to bring me back sumthin if im still there but we left at 9 somethin cuz i forgot tomorrow is monday... wow this weekend went by so fast.

look at the cute pics of dan (pauls youngest bro) and andrew who is the son of my moms friend...i didnt get a pic of alex, who is pauls cousin..hes 3 and kind of speaks 4 languages, cuz his mom is russian and his dad is italian, and they live in germany. he was like ciao, buonasera! haha omg i want him.

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